Thursday, 18 April 2013

Starting my first blog.

So I've been wanting to do a blog for a while now but being quite camera shy I thought this was the best way to write about my shopping hauls and give out my advice.Plus as I'm up quite late most nights it's a good way to pass time rather than watching crappy TV  and scoffing my face with food. As a student going into my third year, I don't have much time to sit and film/edit videos (and I only have a cheap camera so the quality wouldn't be all that) though I do want to go into this eventually and I do actually have a channel set up and ready for when I do. I also know the pains of being a student and so want to help by giving my advice on what I do in situations and the best ways to avoid getting into any trouble financially etc. I haven't told anyone about this (well maybe one other fellow blogger newbie), this isn't because I'm embarrassed to and want to keep it a secret, but because no one I live with or any of my family are interested in shopping (WHAT!?). So you guys are the people I want to share my interests with and I really hope you're going to enjoy what I write - Thank you :)



  1. welcome to the blogging world!
    i'm sure you'll love being part of it.
    i love haul type posts so am definitely looking forward to those and there aren't enough advice posts around so it'll be good to see some of those from you too :)
    i told my mum when i started my blog and she didn't get it at first but now she's always asking me about beauty products and fashion on other peoples blogs which is great and my friends are really interested in it all too which is amazing! but yeah, at first as none of them do it i thought they'd be all like "huh? what's a blog?!' anyway, i'm sure as you go on you'll find how big a part of your life your blog can become :) look forward to your next post,
    hope you're well.
    laura xx

    1. Hello! Thank you for the comment. I've taken a look at your blog and I love it, so good! Sorry it took a while for me to reply, I thought I had but I'd simply just commented so not sure if you'll have seen it. So here's another reply to you! I hope you like my posts, I've followed your blog as I like it so much! Looking forward to the next one
      Bryany xx

  2. Good luck with your new blog,just stumbled across it here,am a newbie too, if u wanna check it out:-) ooh question how did you add Google friend connect?I can't seem to get it set up..your help wud be grateful:-) happy blogging:-) p.s looking forward to ur hauls!

    1. Hello, so I did post the following post to you but not sure I actually replied to you and may have just simply commented, so I'll try again... Hello. Newbies together then! So if you go onto your blogger home page and next to the button where you can create a new post is a button that has like a page with the corner folded. Go onto that and down to layout. On the right hand side where it has your information it says 'add gadget'. Go onto that and then onto the 'more gadgets' and scroll to the bottom to a gadget called followers. Then there you are, just add that then position where you like on your page. I hope i've gone on about the right thing for you, let me know if it's something different you're on about. I'll check out your blog too :)

  3. Hey just stumbled upon your blog i really like your honesty looking forward to more of you posts :)