Saturday, 20 April 2013

What takes us so long to get ready?

When getting ready for a night out it's a known thing that girls take much longer than the boys. Boys often ask why it takes so long for us to get ready, well let me explain to you. Girls have more stages to complete until they're ready:

  • Pre-main stages: Washing off any extra layers of fake tan so that later on you don't go patchy if a drink spills down you (not a good look, boys do notice)
  • Stage 1: Make-up. Foundation, eye shadows, eye-liners, mascaras, blusher, bronzer, powder & lipstick. If you're using a liquid eye-liner then this can be a bugger to apply. Very rarely do I get a straight line first time and then I end up smudging it everywhere. I have now though found the wonders of the felt tip liner. Why has it taken me so long to try these out!? I use the Collection "Extreme" 24 hour one and it's so cheap so good for budget shoppers. Time = 15 minutes
  • Stage 2: Hair. I often just wear my hair straight as that's how it naturally dries so I don't do a lot with mine. However, if you want to curl/wave your hair then this is obviously going to take longer. Time 15 minutes
  • Stage 3: What to wear? We have a variety of clothing types; dresses/skirts/shorts/tops/play-suits/leggings/disco-pants. This is often the longest stage for me because I change my mind so much. We might decide on a dress but then feel bloated etc so change to a skirt and top, but then want to change the top or change into shorts (you get the general idea). After trying on many combinations we finally decide on the perfect outfit. Time=15/20 minutes.
  • Stage 4: Shoes. Again we have variety; flats/sandals/wedges/heels/boots. Whatever we choose they  have to be the right colour and be comfortable for the night ahead. Time= 5 minutes
  • Stage 5: Bag/clutch. This has to go with what we wear and have enough space to carry our stuff. Time= 2 minutes
  • Stage 6: Pack the bag. Time= 1 minute
  • Stage 7: Perfume. (don't over power this!) Time = 30 seconds
Now the boys turn:
  • Stage 1: Shower/shave. Make sure stubble is either completely gone or shaved to the desired length. Time= 5/10 minutes.
  • Stage 2: What to wear? Men have less of an option; trousers/jeans/top/shirt. They just simply need to match a top/shirt to a pair of trousers/jeans. Time= 5 minutes
  • Stage 3: Hair. Quick style of the hair with some gel/wax (or whatever boys use) using his hand. Time= 2/3 minutes
  • Stage 4: Shoes. Literally have hardly any choice here; shoes/pumps (anything else?)
  • Stage 5: Aftershave/Perfume. Men are worse than girls when it comes to over loading on this. please don't, it makes us choke on your smell. Time= 30 seconds
  • Stage 6: Put wallet into back pocket. Time= 10 seconds
Once all stages are complete then jobs a good-en, you're ready to hit the dance floor. So there you have it. An explanation you can show to all boys who ask you why it takes so long for you to get ready. Obviously times may alter between people but you get the gist.


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