Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A new way to shop: MALLZEE.COM*


So  I just want to quickly introduce you to a new, modern way of online shopping.

Mallzee.com is a new personal shopping website which is unique to you as it chooses styles which are best suited to your personal taste. How does it do this I hear you ask? Well, when you first join up you complete a 'style picker' where you simply 'like' or dislike' what it shown to you, then, it calculates what items are best for you from it's online shops. Simples. They believe that shopping should be as unique as the person doing the shopping. Its online shops include; ASOS, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, BooHoo, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters and many MANY more! Prices range from high street to high end so there's plenty of range to choose from, which means you don't have to be loaded to use the website - yaaaaaaaay.
What's even better about this new site is that you don't have to buy your favorite items straight away, you can save them into your very own online wardrobe and spend your cash another time. Brilliant! Mallzee then do all the hard work by picking items which will then go with your wardrobe favorites. Basically Mallzee is offering shopaholics an easy way to online shopping by bringing together some of the best online stores within a few clicks of your mouse.

So this is a snapshot of my online wardrobe. Items on the left are my favorites and those on the right are style suggestions

Loving the two items I favorited here (may be some purchases later)

You can also connect your wardrobe to your Facebook so your friends can see your style. You can then create a poll and your friends choose which outfit is the best by voting for their favorite from your favorite. Make sense? 

To top of the Mallzee experience, they give you 'Mallzee dollars' every time you shop. This means you're basically getting PAID TO SHOP. SAY WHAAAAAT!? Yup, you read right, paid to shop. Every time you buy, they reward you with their own currency which you can then use.

AND as a last note about this amazing creation, they're running a Pinterest competition where you could have the chance to win £100 to spend on Mallzee. If you're interested in entering you can check out the full details on their Facebook page HERE

So what's not to love about this new site? As an added bonus to the shopping experience they're offering some of you lucky guys a VIP membership to the site - so join now HERE

Happy shopping

Wednesday, 19 June 2013



First, a bit of warning, this is going to be a loooong post which a lot of pictures.

So yesterday I went and did a bit of shopping and spent quite a few pennies. I had been saving up for something over summer, but as I am no longer doing that I thought why not spend some of my hard earned money. My mum would tell me to start paying off my overdraft but lets face it, who is actually going to do that? The two drug stores I visited were Boots and Superdrug. If you're not from the UK then these are two of the biggest drugstore shops we have in the UK.

Boots at the minute have a 'Buy one get one half price' deal on in the makeup counters so what fool would miss out on that!? Certainly not me so I helped myself to a few (okay maybe more than a few) items.

First up are the Real Techniques brushes. I bought the powder brush and the setting brush to add to my collection. These brushes are so soft that I just want to cuddle them against my face whenever I use them.

I bought this face wash because it also doubles up as a face mask. I'm not a massive fan of face masks but I want to start getting into them more as I know some of them can help with your skin so much. Rather than spending more money on a face mask which I don't know will work or even use, I just bought this one because it was cheap and also if I don't like it as a mask I can still use it as a face wash. It contains salicylic acid in it so will help with my spots as this is known to be a spot fighting chemical. To use as a face mask, rather than wetting your hands and face you apply onto dry skin, leave and wash off. My housemate uses this and she says it works for her, so fingers crossed it works for me too.

I'm about to commit a sin here when I say that I have NEVER tried this mascara before. I hear you tut in disapproval. I had heard so many good things about this mascara and I know that particular beauty bloggers go absolutely crazy about it. I've never really desired to have the false eyelash look so I've also never worn false eyelashes but after hearing so much about it, I thought i'd try it out and see what's so good about it. Knowing me i'll end up loving it and regret not buying it a lot sooner.

I'm loving Kate Moss's lipsticks at the minute. I find them to be quite moisturising once applied and they have pretty good stay power as well, which of course means less topping up throughout the day. I bought the 107 which is almost like a cherry red and has beautiful pigmentation. This will probably become my new favourite and so be worn rather a lot.

I have super pale complexion, not quite porcelain colour but almost. My current foundations are all in the lightest colour that comes which is Ivory as most don't go any lighter. However, although the lightest colour, depending on the yellowness of the foundation it can sometimes make my face look a darker shade to my body, and no nobody wants that. I thought I would try a new foundation to mix up my collection a bit and so I chose Maybelline's 'Fit Me' range. I chose the 'Ivory' foundation as well as going for the Fit me concealer in 'Light'. I know some say concealer should be lighter/darker but for this one i've chosen to go for the same shades. I'll try out these products and let you know how I get on.

Following on from concealers I also bought one from the Rimmel 'Wake me Up' range. I've heard so much about the Wake Me Up foundation so I thought I would give the concealer a bash as I already use the Rimmel 'Match Perfection' foundation.

If there's one thing I dislike about my face it's the constant dark circles around my eyes. I normally only get them when I struggle to sleep which these days seems to be a lot of the time for some reason. No one wants to have circles under their eyes so after seeing this I thought I would give it a try and hope for some results in reducing the darkness. I'll also let you know how I get on with this product too.

Finally from Boots I got some Soap and Glory products. At the minute Boots are offering 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory so I thought 'heck why not!?'. I love the Hand Food moisturiser so as you can see I got a mini bottle which it more suitable for travelling with. I also got the Heel cream because if the Hand Food works so well on my hands, i'm hoping this will work on my feet as they can sometimes get a bit dry as I tend to neglect my feet (I really don't like feet). Finally I got the Sugar Crush shower body wash which let me just tell you now smells amazing! It has the ingredients in it which you can see from the photo and the zingy lime it just makes it smell sooooo fresh. Mmmmm I LOVE it.

 Now onto Superdrug. As you can see I bought some moisturisers which are part of my daily routine, one to keep my oily skin at bay and one just as a general moisturiser. 

I'm not a massive user of eyeshadows but I do occasionally like to go for the smokey eye look or just have a natural shimmer to brighten my eyes. I did originally want the Urban Decay Naked Pallette but for me it was just too expensive for a product I wouldn't use that often. For the moment anyway. So I opted for Sleeks 'Natural' palette which is actually pretty good for the price you pay. The darker shades have more pigmentation to them so the lighter colours will need more application but for me it's good enough.

Also from Sleek I got the Blush by 3 palette which offers thee amazing summer colour blushes. I'm into the whole coral cheeks for summer as it just makes your face look brighter so for me this selection of blushes was just perfect. The pigmentation is really good in all three of them. There is a slightly orange/peach colour, a pink shimmer and a corally colour. I can't wait to start using them!

Finally following on with my Sleek purchases I got their face contour kit. It has a bronzer powder to the left and the highlighter powder to the right. Contour kits as you probably all know are about creating shadows to make your face look more defined and so this is the one I've chosen. Both powders have good pigmentation so i'm looking forward to start using it!

PHEW so there we go, my drugstore beauty haul. Apologies if any of you got a bit bored half way through as I know it's a rather long post! I literally cannot wait to start using the products as I love trying new things. I also have a bit of a confession to make. I also might have done a bit of clothes shopping so you could (definitely) have a post of my clothes purchases very soon!



So this is just a quick one to let you all know about a new blogger competition. The competition is being run by e-tailPR in association with ASOS and Shopcade. I'm sure you all know about ASOS but for those of you who have never heard of Shopcade, basically it's like your own personal shopping website. You browse through fashion / accessory / shoes or even home items and when you see something you reeeeeally like, you can either buy it there and then, or you can save it to a 'want' list to buy at a later date. It's a great way of viewing every single item you've ever wanted and saves time browsing loads of websites as the website stores it all for you. They even let you know when items you've saved to your want list go on sale so you can have quick dibs at them. Shopcade has items from Apple / ASOS / Habitat / Urban Outfitters and more, so there's plenty of range and choice to choose from! Enough of me waffling on about it, take a look for yourselves HERE .

To enter this competition just simply click HERE and be in with a chance of winning a whopping £400 to spend. You would be CRAZY to miss out on such a good prize. Oh and you have until the 28th June to enter, so hurry.

 Good luck to those who enter! 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The end of GFC?


So there seems to be some confusion about just what is going to be discontinuing on July 1st. I'll admit once I heard the rumours the Google Reader was ending and that GFC might do so as well I became a little confused as to what is true and what was rumours. Incase any of you don't know (but i'm sure you all do) GFC is Google Friends Connect which is how we all follow our favourite bloggers (it's the tab in the sidebar with lots of smiley faces in it). There does seem to be some panic about whether this is ending so I just thought i'd share with you this post I found which explains the situation pretty well and allows us all to relax a little. You can read the post HERE

If any of you are a little weary about it all still then why not set up other methods for people to follow your blog? Sites such as Bloglovin' are really good to use as they're so simple and easily allow you to follow and keep up to date with your favourite bloggers. I do have a Bloglovin' account so if you want to follow me using that then pop on over using my link button in the sidebar. For those of you who have one too, i'll be going round and following you on that as well, you know, just incase anything does happen in the near future. I do also have a facebook page for those of you who don't have Bloglovin' which i'll update every time I create a new post from now on just incase as well. Feel free to click the link and pop on over. This post isn't an advertisement for my blog but to let you know about other follow methods just incase anything does happen to GFC in the future (although i'm not sure how they would manage to remove it as i'm sure there would be uproar)

If you want more details on other services which Google are stopping then you can read that HERE. Hopefully they won't remove GFC too and keep allowing us to follow each other

What are your thoughts on this and does anyone know for sure about GFC?
(apologies for the slightly boring post)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013



Just a quick message to let you know i'm finally on Tumblr. Yaaaay. I'm normally quite late on the social media hypes which means i've only just created an account. Yes I know I need to get with the times more. Would love it if you let me know your Tumblr accounts so I can follow. Love seeing what everyone else is up to! Here's mine if you want to follow, it's not got a lot on it at the moment but never fear i'll soon get the hang of it. http://bryanyellenblog.tumblr.com/

Friday, 7 June 2013

Things I hate about being a student

First up, apologies for a 'hate' post. Hope it's not too whiney!

So it's come to the time of year again where yet again i'm packing all my stuff to go home and I suddenly realised just how much I hate the whole packing and unpacking malarky. I also realised other stuff which I hate that comes in part of being a student, so I thought i'd share them with you.

1. I'll begin with what gave me inspiration for this post. Packing. I normally love having a good old tidy of my room and changing it about but having to pack up all your belongings is such a chore and then I get stressed thinking i've left something behind, even though I check like a gazillion times! It's also annoying for the parent/s that's moving you out and about because they've got to collect it all, then take it all back again to your new house. Would be soooo much easier if we all just lived in the same place for the duration of uni!


2. Low bank balance. Eurgh, even though I have a job I still never seem to have money. I don't think buying makeup and clothes helps but they're essentials in life so money needs to be spent on them. I don't think its also helped this year that i've paid to work in a summer camp in America (fingers crossed!) so that took up a lot of my wages. But this is something I really want to do so I don't mind spending the money on that. If I didn't have my job though I would be having to extend my overdraft even further and i'm already waaaaaaaaay into it - oh dear. Any future students out there, get a job ASAP after starting uni because if you don't get a grant/bursary you're gunna need it! 


3. Cooking. When cooking for myself i'm so uncreative, like literally it's pasta and sauce or more recently, noodles with veg and sweet chilli. I'm quite a fussy eater as well so it's difficult for housemates to cook for me as well, I won't eat  a lot of it. I'm 'famous' for eating pasta so often in our house that my housemates don't even bother to ask what i'm cooking. I don't mind cooking for others as thats when my creative food thoughts come out (not quite Masterchef standards, but almost..) but for myself i'm just lazy. First year my mums used to cook me meals at home and send them over to me with my sister so I could freeze them, which meant first year all I did was heat up my mums cooking (even more lazy), but I haven't had the privilege of that this year *sad face*

4. Sleep pattern. This messes up BIG time when i'm at uni. First year I literally didn't have any sleep during the night so liked to have a sneaky nap or two during the day. Don't know why but my body gets tired say about 11ish so i'll get into bed, but ooooh no as soon I hit the pillow i'm suddenly wide awake and restless again. Drives me insane. All I want  is a decent nights sleep. Swear uni has made me nocturnal (kind of). It's also contributed towards the dark circles I have round my eyes. Thanks stupid sleep pattern for that one.

5. Noisy neighbours. I've had two years of this. First year I lived in flat with three boys and four other girls. On their own the boys were fine but put them together and they were just OOT noisy, excitable and annoying. I'm talking about a pizza would burn in the oven and they would be like 'OOOOOOOOH MAN NOOOO WAY'. Eurgh, me writing this probably sounds whiney but if you lived with them you'd understand. This year however was worse. Above is a flat full of boys but their kitchen is actually below us (weird layout I know) which so happens to be right below my bedroom. This meant I could hear every conversation, the tv, footsteps, shouting, being sick after a night out and worse of all, them pre-drinking with their music. Don't get me wrong people can be loud and play music, I mean we're student, but these guys have been hell at times and I understand that it's more the building having thin floors/ceilings but still. I really hope I don't have noisy neighbours next year!


Hope i've not dampened your bright sunny day in anyway! (apologies if I have)

Hope you're all enjoying the summer 

Primark Disney

What a beautiful sunny day!

So I just wanted to quickly share with you my new disney crop top from Primark as i'm lovin' it at the moment. It's a bit more daring than my usual clothes, but worn with the right thing it looks pretty good. I got a size 12 just to make it that extra bit baggier, though the top are already a baggy fit. And because it was from Primark it was also a cheapy at just £6, BARGAAAAIN wouldn't you say?

Primark Disney
It's like heading back to the 90's

Not sure if Primark is available anywhere other than the UK, is it? Oh and if you haven't heard the news already Primark is now on ASOS here. It's only a small collection, but Primark on the internet? Saay WHAAAAT!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cream blush


So yes I know i'm VERY late on the bandwagon with cream blushes and I don't know why, I just am. It's not something I really thought of trying and I know this post may be a little dated because they've been out for a while now, but hey ho, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the  Topshop 'Head over Heels' cream blush

Topshop cream blush

Topshop cream blush
I was going to show you it actually on my face, but my skins terrible at the minute, and well, didn't think you'd want to see that!

I actually think the price of this is fairly cheap (£6), especially for something from Topshop, and i'm beginning to creep into their makeup section a lot more recently just because I think the prices are good for what they offer. For summer i'm going into the more coral blush colours which is why I chose this one. The colour is beautiful and when you initially apply it to your cheeks, the pigmentation is pretty good. Not sure whether it's just me but when I then blend it I find it loses some of it's colour and so you do have to apply a little bit more, and I have pale skin so I was expecting it to stand out a little more. Once applied it leaves a subtle coral pinch of colour to your cheeks which leaves you looking all summery and bright in the face. Because it's a cream blush I think the stay power lasts alot longer than the usual powder blushes which I use which is great because then you don't have to top up so much. And no one wants to spend all day reapplying makeup, do they? 

I'm not sure if i'm a lover of cream blushes just yet so i'll probably stick to my trusty powder blushes. Maybe once I start wearing it a little more, as i've only had this a few weeks and I haven't worn it all the time, i'll start to convert. So there we go, my rather late on the scene cream blush review. If anyone knows a really good brand for me to try let me know as i'm open to trying others to see if I can start to like them more.

Hope you're all enjoying the sun now that it's FINALLY made an appearance!

Monday, 3 June 2013

May Favourites


I love reading these kind of posts and seeing what other bloggers have been loving, so here's my own. These are the products I've been using the most the previous month and so obviously love them.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Who doesn't want to have a slight chocolatey smell about them? I first started using this a few years ago whilst on holiday and so associate it to being a holiday only moisturizer so haven't really use it for a while. However I recently started again and I asked myself 'why did I ever stop!?'. I personally find it so soothing and leaves my skin amazingly soft and also has that gorgeous smell. It's definitely something I'm going to continue to use so keep super soft.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Wow I just love this hand cream at the minute. Bought my newest tube the other week and have it used it so much. My hands get dry rather easily, especially after washing up, so I really needed something to add moisture back to them. This just works perfectly, it's a non-greasy cream with the loveliest smell to it. I sometimes just put some on so I can smell it - anyone else?. I also think it's relatively cheap for such a well known high street brand. If you've never used this I would recommend it'The most astonishing hand cream ever?' Well I think it is!

Barry M Nail Effect in 'TNP 3 304' or 'Kingsland Road' I only discovered this one a couple of weeks ago and I've been using it a lot on my nails since. It's a lovely soft pale candy floss pink colour but not so pale you have to put loads of coats on to achieve any colour. I really like the textured effect it has but I know others aren't so keen. All I can describe it as is like rubbing your finger over a soft bit of concrete that's been grounded down slightly - if that makes any sense at all? Basically when you apply, it's smooth with some darker pink bits that when dries, sort of turn into the raised bumps and give the texture. I realise my description probably isn't the best ever but I love it and that's what matters.

Topshop 'Whimsical' Lipstick I like to wear lipsticks but sometimes during the day it's nice to just have a soft colour which adds a small touch of being "dolled up" without going too heavy on the colour. This lipstick is a soft peachy/coral colour which is just right for a natural day look and has good stay power, as long as your lips are exfoliated and moisturised. I also like the name of it as it's rather unusual and I find Topshop lipsticks to be a reasonable price too.

Real techniques Expert face Brush This was a recent buy and I have to say it's the best makeup brush I have. I'm not just saying that, it's genuinely the softest brush I have ever used. I use this to apply my liquid foundation and it's not rough on the skin at all like cheaper brushes can be. For the price (£9.99) I think the quality of the brush is amazing and i'll be buying more brushes from this brand in the near future

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation I actually bought this awhile back as it was on offer so though I would try it out. I now use it as my daily foundation as I just love it. It says it's a 'light, perfecting, radiance foundation' which I actually think it is. I only need a small amount and it gives really good light coverage so it doesn't actually look like you're wearing makeup. It's perfect for a day you can't be bothered for a full face and just want you face to look smooth and bright. It also has a really nice smell to it rather than some foundation which have a sort of cakey smell to them - I realise i'm loving smells in this post!

Carmex Moisturising lip Balm I always have dry lips if I don't apply any balm to them and I just love this. It leaves a slight tingly feeling when you apply which I really like as it makes my lips feel fresh and of course it leaves my lips luxuriously soft with regular application. It isn't sticky and thick either so you can use it knowing you won't have white sticky lumps form on your lips. It also works well as moisturising base for lipsticks

Random favourite
Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Sooo I am a massive cereal fan and when I say this was my favourite from last month, I really mean it was my favourite. In less than a week I went through SIX pints of milk and a big 750g box plus more! I'm going to turn into a Crunchy Nut soon!

Phew so there we go, my first favourites post. have you used any of the products and like them too? Tell me your favourites too as I love reading them.