Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A new way to shop: MALLZEE.COM*


So  I just want to quickly introduce you to a new, modern way of online shopping.

Mallzee.com is a new personal shopping website which is unique to you as it chooses styles which are best suited to your personal taste. How does it do this I hear you ask? Well, when you first join up you complete a 'style picker' where you simply 'like' or dislike' what it shown to you, then, it calculates what items are best for you from it's online shops. Simples. They believe that shopping should be as unique as the person doing the shopping. Its online shops include; ASOS, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, BooHoo, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters and many MANY more! Prices range from high street to high end so there's plenty of range to choose from, which means you don't have to be loaded to use the website - yaaaaaaaay.
What's even better about this new site is that you don't have to buy your favorite items straight away, you can save them into your very own online wardrobe and spend your cash another time. Brilliant! Mallzee then do all the hard work by picking items which will then go with your wardrobe favorites. Basically Mallzee is offering shopaholics an easy way to online shopping by bringing together some of the best online stores within a few clicks of your mouse.

So this is a snapshot of my online wardrobe. Items on the left are my favorites and those on the right are style suggestions

Loving the two items I favorited here (may be some purchases later)

You can also connect your wardrobe to your Facebook so your friends can see your style. You can then create a poll and your friends choose which outfit is the best by voting for their favorite from your favorite. Make sense? 

To top of the Mallzee experience, they give you 'Mallzee dollars' every time you shop. This means you're basically getting PAID TO SHOP. SAY WHAAAAAT!? Yup, you read right, paid to shop. Every time you buy, they reward you with their own currency which you can then use.

AND as a last note about this amazing creation, they're running a Pinterest competition where you could have the chance to win £100 to spend on Mallzee. If you're interested in entering you can check out the full details on their Facebook page HERE

So what's not to love about this new site? As an added bonus to the shopping experience they're offering some of you lucky guys a VIP membership to the site - so join now HERE

Happy shopping


  1. I love mallzee
    Theey are amazingg and its a new way of shopping online :D
    Love your blogg!! ♥♥

    Khadija x
    P.S. I have a giveaway going on and would love if you entered www.foreverglamx.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Ooooh this looks interesting - will definitely check this out!

    Just started following your blog :)