Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cream blush


So yes I know i'm VERY late on the bandwagon with cream blushes and I don't know why, I just am. It's not something I really thought of trying and I know this post may be a little dated because they've been out for a while now, but hey ho, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the  Topshop 'Head over Heels' cream blush

Topshop cream blush

Topshop cream blush
I was going to show you it actually on my face, but my skins terrible at the minute, and well, didn't think you'd want to see that!

I actually think the price of this is fairly cheap (£6), especially for something from Topshop, and i'm beginning to creep into their makeup section a lot more recently just because I think the prices are good for what they offer. For summer i'm going into the more coral blush colours which is why I chose this one. The colour is beautiful and when you initially apply it to your cheeks, the pigmentation is pretty good. Not sure whether it's just me but when I then blend it I find it loses some of it's colour and so you do have to apply a little bit more, and I have pale skin so I was expecting it to stand out a little more. Once applied it leaves a subtle coral pinch of colour to your cheeks which leaves you looking all summery and bright in the face. Because it's a cream blush I think the stay power lasts alot longer than the usual powder blushes which I use which is great because then you don't have to top up so much. And no one wants to spend all day reapplying makeup, do they? 

I'm not sure if i'm a lover of cream blushes just yet so i'll probably stick to my trusty powder blushes. Maybe once I start wearing it a little more, as i've only had this a few weeks and I haven't worn it all the time, i'll start to convert. So there we go, my rather late on the scene cream blush review. If anyone knows a really good brand for me to try let me know as i'm open to trying others to see if I can start to like them more.

Hope you're all enjoying the sun now that it's FINALLY made an appearance!


  1. great post! i was a little dubious about cream blushed but i've read lots of great reviews so i might give them a go! I love the topshop packaging too

    bec X

  2. I´ve never tried cream blushers but I really love the colour :D