Friday, 7 June 2013

Primark Disney

What a beautiful sunny day!

So I just wanted to quickly share with you my new disney crop top from Primark as i'm lovin' it at the moment. It's a bit more daring than my usual clothes, but worn with the right thing it looks pretty good. I got a size 12 just to make it that extra bit baggier, though the top are already a baggy fit. And because it was from Primark it was also a cheapy at just £6, BARGAAAAIN wouldn't you say?

Primark Disney
It's like heading back to the 90's

Not sure if Primark is available anywhere other than the UK, is it? Oh and if you haven't heard the news already Primark is now on ASOS here. It's only a small collection, but Primark on the internet? Saay WHAAAAT!


  1. Cute top. I didn’t know primark were on ASOS, thats great news!! Lovely post :) xx

    Helen @

  2. this is top is so cute!
    cute blog.
    chanelle jade x