Friday, 7 June 2013

Things I hate about being a student

First up, apologies for a 'hate' post. Hope it's not too whiney!

So it's come to the time of year again where yet again i'm packing all my stuff to go home and I suddenly realised just how much I hate the whole packing and unpacking malarky. I also realised other stuff which I hate that comes in part of being a student, so I thought i'd share them with you.

1. I'll begin with what gave me inspiration for this post. Packing. I normally love having a good old tidy of my room and changing it about but having to pack up all your belongings is such a chore and then I get stressed thinking i've left something behind, even though I check like a gazillion times! It's also annoying for the parent/s that's moving you out and about because they've got to collect it all, then take it all back again to your new house. Would be soooo much easier if we all just lived in the same place for the duration of uni!


2. Low bank balance. Eurgh, even though I have a job I still never seem to have money. I don't think buying makeup and clothes helps but they're essentials in life so money needs to be spent on them. I don't think its also helped this year that i've paid to work in a summer camp in America (fingers crossed!) so that took up a lot of my wages. But this is something I really want to do so I don't mind spending the money on that. If I didn't have my job though I would be having to extend my overdraft even further and i'm already waaaaaaaaay into it - oh dear. Any future students out there, get a job ASAP after starting uni because if you don't get a grant/bursary you're gunna need it! 


3. Cooking. When cooking for myself i'm so uncreative, like literally it's pasta and sauce or more recently, noodles with veg and sweet chilli. I'm quite a fussy eater as well so it's difficult for housemates to cook for me as well, I won't eat  a lot of it. I'm 'famous' for eating pasta so often in our house that my housemates don't even bother to ask what i'm cooking. I don't mind cooking for others as thats when my creative food thoughts come out (not quite Masterchef standards, but almost..) but for myself i'm just lazy. First year my mums used to cook me meals at home and send them over to me with my sister so I could freeze them, which meant first year all I did was heat up my mums cooking (even more lazy), but I haven't had the privilege of that this year *sad face*

4. Sleep pattern. This messes up BIG time when i'm at uni. First year I literally didn't have any sleep during the night so liked to have a sneaky nap or two during the day. Don't know why but my body gets tired say about 11ish so i'll get into bed, but ooooh no as soon I hit the pillow i'm suddenly wide awake and restless again. Drives me insane. All I want  is a decent nights sleep. Swear uni has made me nocturnal (kind of). It's also contributed towards the dark circles I have round my eyes. Thanks stupid sleep pattern for that one.

5. Noisy neighbours. I've had two years of this. First year I lived in flat with three boys and four other girls. On their own the boys were fine but put them together and they were just OOT noisy, excitable and annoying. I'm talking about a pizza would burn in the oven and they would be like 'OOOOOOOOH MAN NOOOO WAY'. Eurgh, me writing this probably sounds whiney but if you lived with them you'd understand. This year however was worse. Above is a flat full of boys but their kitchen is actually below us (weird layout I know) which so happens to be right below my bedroom. This meant I could hear every conversation, the tv, footsteps, shouting, being sick after a night out and worse of all, them pre-drinking with their music. Don't get me wrong people can be loud and play music, I mean we're student, but these guys have been hell at times and I understand that it's more the building having thin floors/ceilings but still. I really hope I don't have noisy neighbours next year!


Hope i've not dampened your bright sunny day in anyway! (apologies if I have)

Hope you're all enjoying the summer 


  1. Can't wait to see you! Come back soon darlingggg <3

    Boonya -

  2. Being a college student definitely is difficult! I had my fair share of it all. Love your hair by the way. :)

  3. I have THE exact same problems,
    I just packed up my entire room, I thought it would take an hour, 4 hours later I'm sat in a heap of my own stuff!
    I feel your pain!

    1. Took me forever to pack all my stuff, and I still have all my beauty stuff left to take. Such a mission!


  4. This literally describes my life, its nice to get a break from it being home for summer haha!

    Charlotte xx