Saturday, 6 July 2013



As a student I need money, so to get money I have a part time job as a waitress. I've been waitressing since I was 16, and well, i've become a bit bored of the whole smart black shirt and trousers combo so recently I decided to change my workwear style. When I popped into Primark I picked up some new shirts to wear at a complete bargain and because they're not actual work shirts it means I can wear them outside of work too. 

I team the shirts up with just a black vest top underneath and a pair of leggings. For footwear I either just wear some plimsolls or more recently since buying them, my new Topshop boots from my first OOTD post.

1st shirt £5 reduced from £10
2nd & 3rd £10 each
Vest top £2
Leggings Asda (can't remember the price)

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  1. The second shirt is gorgeous!

    Maxine, xx