Saturday, 17 August 2013

Can you keep a secret? My 'first time'


I've been tagged by the lovely Ada (thespianxx) to do this tag and as it looks quite fun to do so I thought i'd give it a go and reveal some information about me, some if which is a tad embarrassing but hey, everyone has something embarrassing from their past right?

Ha, me trying to pull a comical face FAIL

I met my first best friend at primary school and her name was Katie. We always hung out with each other and I used to go to her house a lot, we never came to mine because I live in the sticks and there isn't much to do, and I admit, we could be little naughty buggers when together. In year 3 I changed schools and had the shock of my life when a couple of weeks later she joined my new school so we could be together again (i'm not sure this is the reason but it can't be a coincidence). There was one dinner lady at this school who lets just say, we didn't get on with at all so would wind her up a little. Unfortunately we lost touch a little when it came to moving to big school and throughout the years we lost touch completely and went our own ways - sad face

Ha oh i'm blushing as I write this. I'm going to admit I was quite late into the whole kissing with tongues scene, like really late. It was when I was in year 9 and my rather short term boyfriend at the time had just been playing a 5-a-side football contest, his team won so he came up to me and just shoved his tongue in my mouth and BAM there was my first proper kiss. Stolen from me.

The legend that is Bon Jovi and I went to see him with my mum, sister and auntie. I can't remember how old I was or where it was but i've now seen him twice live. On the way there we were all singing our hearts out to his track learning the last few words we may not have known and wow, his gig was amazing! Any fans out there if you haven't seen him then go!

Oh this is another cringe first. I used to be a ha-uuge fan of Busted (who's with me here?) and I had a soft spot for Matt. I'm talking posters on the wall, buying their album books, Cd's, DVDs and even kissing Matts face sometimes before I went to sleep. One of my friends at the time who also loved Busted liked James and we used to argue over who was best. Obviously it was always an agree to disagree kinda situation. Thankfully I got over that phase, eventually.

I have no idea, probably 'mummy' or 'daddy'

Now i'm not sure if this was our first pet or not but it's the one I remember. We used to have an albino (I think, she was white with red eyes) hamster called Mini. We went away for a few days and gave her to a friend to look after who had a few cats herself. We came to pick her up and she told us that our hamster had 'escaped' pfft yeah right. I never believed her because our hamster was kept in a big plastic cage which was unclimbable because there was no where to grip and it had a metal wire gate/hatch at the very top. She told us Mini had escaped and opened the gate bit herself, which could only have been possible if she suddenly got Spiderman like powers to get up and the strength of Pop-eye to open the gate. So I think it was a sad ending to poor Minis life

It was a beauty and it was the Nokia 3310. How brilliant were these phones? They had the Snake game and were virtually indestructible, seriously. I got my phone for a christmas present along with £10 credit and I was so happy. The first thing I did after charging it was ring my best friend Katie at the time and we spoke for ages until suddenly my phone beeped and cut out. I was so upset as I thought my phone had broken but the credit has just run out. I didn't understand the concept of credit back then.

"Starting on the twitter hype. Lets see what the fuss is all about!" 1/10/2012

I didn't start wearing makeup until i was in year 9, so about 14 years old (I think) and even then I was one of the first amongst my friends to even wear any. I used to wear just a touch of mascara and a little bit of eye liner on my top lids and some of my friends used to be like "you wearing makeup!?" to which I would be like "oh yeah, um my sister was trying it out on me". I don't know why I used to be embarrassed about wearing it, maybe it's because no one else was, yet now a days you have kids in year 5 plastering it on themselves and I just think 'be a kid and make the most of it before getting into makeup and 'grown up' things'. Ha, call me old fashioned

So there we go, a little bit of me revealed to you all. I now tag;

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  1. This is a cute post.
    The bit about your first kiss made me chuckle haha!

    Emily x -

  2. Aww, great post! Tumblr is just loving that Nokia phone and making fun of it. Totally a beaut.

    Ada | thespianxx

  3. I've loved watching this tag on Youtube and it's awesome that you've used it in a blogpost!

    1. I've loved watching it too. Fun to see what people say


  4. Oooooo thanks for tagging me! :) I'll be sure to do it! Really enjoyed reading your firsts ;)
    Jess xo

    1. No problem. Look forward to reading it if you do!
      Ha well i look forward to yours