Friday, 16 August 2013

I just want to have a tan


I'm pale with fair skin, I don't tan, I never do. I go lobster red which will fade down to an almost tan then it will disappear. So for the summer I give myself a helping hand with fake tan products. I mean, I really don't want to be blinding the poor folks walking the street with my daz white legs do I? I don't maintain the fake tan routine all year round, i'm just too lazy to be honest so I really do need a quick fix for the summer. For nights out I tend to use the St Moriz (St Tropez cheaper dupe) mousse. I whack a layer or two of that on for the night then wash it off when I no longer have the pins out. For summer though I want something which requires less effort rather than showering, moisturising and then going on to tan. I just want something that will tan me whilst doing the job of something else. So welcome everybody to my summer tan favourite, Garnier summer body moisturising lotion.

I like to use this in the summer because it gives such a nice healthy looking tanned glow to my skin that isn't too orange. I mean yes, if I overuse this which I did at first then I do go a teeny bit orange, but if I just apply this all over once every other  night then I keep a subtle, natural looking tan. Goal achieved (hooray). It also leaves my skin feeling luxuriously soft (you know it's soft if i'm using that word) and is so easy to apply because it is just a moisturiser as well. Apart from when I missed a bit on my arm i've never had streaks from using this so coverage really is even. It does say it's a gradual tan but because I have such pale skin I can see a difference straight away so I try to keep it the tanned colour that I achieve after about 2 layers, else I just look essex style (sorry to any essex folks reading this).

At first it has a really lovely summery smell made from the apricot extract but as a few hours pass this nice smell wears off and in comes the horrible fake tan biscuit smell (yuck) but this soon wears off and becomes less noticeable. But if it's going to give me a nice tanned look then I don't mind so much.

What are your favourite summer tanning products?

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  1. I’m really pale too. I think gradual tan body lotions are really good for a natural tan. This one looks nice too :) x

    Helen @

    1. I think they're so much better too, only problem is that if its gradual you sometimes dont notice yourself how tanned you're getting = ORANGE!