Saturday, 3 August 2013

June & July Favourites


I know i'm late posting this as it's now august but i've been busy the past few days giving my flat a good old scrub and finally moving back home properly this time for summer, so please forgive me! So I know I didn't do a favourites last month and well, that's just because I didn't feel like I was using enough new products which I loved and so a post last month would have only of had a couple of bits in it (and would have been a very short post). Anyway, I would now like to show you my favourites from the past two months which to be honest, I have just simply been over the moon about.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in '107'
I just love everything about this lipstick from Kate Moss's collection. The colour is a lovely deep cherry red although it looks a little pink in the picture, it's not I promise and lasts a long time without reapplication. It's so moisturising on your lips unlike some of my lipsticks which just seem to sap all the moisture out, this one is just perfect. If like me you get dry lips quite easily I find that this lipstick doesn't stick to the dry bits making your lips all patchy so gives a perfect flawless finished look

Garnier Eye Roll on
So it's summer time and for once we in the UK are actually having hot weather, although not always sunny, but it's still warm which of course means hot sticky bedrooms and a struggle to get to sleep in this rare heat. This if course means tired eyes and the eye roll on has been my saviour at getting rid of the horrible grey bags under my eyes when I haven't slept well. I probably go overboard on using this as I apply it at night if I feel I won't be getting any sleep and again in the morning. Probably why its worked so well to be honest.

Dove Gofresh
I wouldn't normally class a deodorant as a favorite product but I am just in love with the smell of this one, and of course its ability to keep sweaty pits at bay (how lovely). The name kind of gives the smell away, fresh, and it really does smell lovely. Not just on first application but throughout the day as well. Next time you're in the supermarket and need deodorant, give this one a whiff before buying and see if you like it too.

Collection 'lasting perfection' concealer
Wow. This concealer is just amazing. I have a few other concealers which I also like to use but in the hot sticky weather this has been my go to. In hot weather I try to avoid wearing foundation as I just feel like my face is going to slide off and in a way I just feel fresher with wearing very little on my skin under the sun. I also think it helps to avoid spots. I've just been applying this over my spots and blemishes and i'm good to go. the coverage is amazing and as the name suggests, lasts pretty much all day too without much need to reapply.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt spray
My hairs a little limp and lifeless at times and in the summer I just want it to have a bit more umph and texture so i've been using this sea salt spray which adds a little bit of volume, texture and wave to the ends of my hair. It creates a sort of mild beach/surfer kind of look which I really like.

Barry M 'Blueberry'
This has got to me my favorite nail varnish for this summer, I just love the colour of it. It's a bright colour which goes really well with a tan (fake or real) as it just compliments the skin tone and adds a touch of colour to any outfit you wear.

Burts Bees Mango Lip Balm
I own a lot of lip balms and I use them all but this one has been my favourite to use the past couple of months. I'll be honest and say i'm not ever so keen on the smell anymore but it does a blummin good job at keeping my lips moisturised and soft.

Primark Butterfly print shorts
I actually bought these last year to go on holiday with as they're a thin material and don't cling to your legs when you get all hot, which for the past few weeks has been pretty perfect with the UKs heat wave going on. I love to just put these on when i'm chilling around the house as they're incredibly comfy and so lightweight it almost feels like i'm not wearing any bottoms!

Random favourite
Rudimentals 'Home' album. This music is my kind of music and i've been listening to it pretty much every other day, it's one of those albums i'll never get bored of. The music is just perfect for summer as well and just makes me want to dance around the house like a crazy women!


  1. Great post! I've heard of the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray but never of Toni&Guy Seal Salt Spray! I'm definitely going to look into it, though. And that lipstick is gorgeous.

    my beauty blog

    1. Thank you. Ooh i might give that one a go when i've used this one all up


  2. Love the nail polish - such a pretty colour! Your shorts are gorgeous too!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

    1. I'm just so in love with the colour and it's so cheap as well!


  3. I like the look of the collection concealer I know its been quite hyped, I might give it a go :)
    Also the Garnier roll on looks so good – perfect for summer! :) xx

    Helen @

    1. I heard a lot of hype about the concealer too and i can see why, it is really good!