Thursday, 8 August 2013

Skin science


So today I thought i'd tell you about a couple of products i've been using from Bioderma. For those who have never heard of Bioderma it's a laboratory in France which uses the biology behind skin to create products to target specific elements to help get skin back to it's original natural balance. They have a whole range of products to suit any type of skin which is fab. For me i've got combination skin and redness on my face, or after self diagnosing myself (aka google), mild rosacea. I've used many cleansers in the past, my favourite being Simple, but I thought it was time to update my skin care and see if there was anything better out there. So I went for their cleanser and anti-redness cream. They're not overly high end expensive products but certainly more that the few quid ones you get off the drugstore shelf.

I've been using both of these products for just under 7 weeks now and I have to say i'm happy with one but so for the other.

The 'Micelle solution' cleanser HERE for combination skin has been an absolute dream to use and as you can see by the picture, i've used a lot of it. It's a liquid cleanser rather than the creamy ones i've been using in the past and I have to say, I do prefer liquid to cream. When using this my face just feels fresher as if everything has been removed in one clean gentle swipe and my skin feels lighter in a way. When I use a cream cleanser I feel like i'm just adding another product layer to my skin, which I know I am doing with this but it just doesn't feel like it. It's kinda hard to describe it really but basically it doesn't feel as thick to use as cream cleanser. With it being a liquid it's also much easier to use in terms of getting onto your cotton wool pad. It comes out nice and easily and you haven't got to bother with the whole shaking the bottle to get it from around the edges. With that though I did use rather a lot at first because I kept squeezing the bottle too hard and absolutely soaking my cotton pad, but hey, extra cleansing for my skin. As well as loving the product just for the use of it I have actually found that it's helped with my skin too. My skin, especially my forehead and nose, are a lot less oily these days and I can only put it down to this, as other than the moisturiser (and a spot fighting face wash) my facial skin care hasn't changed. I do use a hot cloth cleanser twice a week but i've been using that since before this so it must be down to this product.  It is a little bit more pricey than the £3 i'm used to paying for Simple as for 250ml it's about £10 but I would happily pay that again and again for it.

Now onto the 'Sensibio AR' cream HERE. I'm not so thrilled with this product but before the negative i'll tell you what I liked about it. In terms of moisturising it's done an absolute fab job, my skin isn't dry and feels soft all the time. It's a lightweight cream that isn't heavy on my face once i've applied it and it doesn't have too much of a fragrance either, which I like. When buying this it did have mixed reviews on the website about the effectiveness of it in keeping redness at bay but I thought I would try it out anyway and well, i'm not too impressed. After nearly 7 weeks of use I thought I would see a difference in the redness on my face and to be honest I haven't. I was kinda hoping for at least some results but nope, not a thing. My face isn't drastically red and patchy but enough so that I feel uncomfortable with a naked face so have to have at least some concealer on if out in public. Maybe it's just my face as by reading some of the reviews it has worked for others. It is shame as it's certainly not cheap at £16 for 40ml but we learn from trial and error right? So for me this won't be a repurchase.

Have any of you tried Bioderma and if so how did you get on? Also if anyone knows any great creams for sensitive/red skin then can you let me know please. Would be great to try some new products out

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