Monday, 7 October 2013

Clinique High Impact Mascara


Gosh it seems ages since I last posted!
So a few weeks back I posted about my Clinique skin care Anti-Blemish products. I actually bought the products back in August and when I did a received a few free goodies because Clinique were doing this Bonus thing (not actually quite sure what that was about, but i'm not one to turn down some freebies), and one of them was this mascara. At first I thought 'aaah it won't be that good' but I was quite surprised when I first started using this, and by surprised I mean impressed. You can get this in either black or black/brown, the one I was given was the black sample.

Clinique's 'High Impact' mascara is all about volumizing your lashes by adding some thickness and I have to agree, it certainly does. It doesn't make your lashes look fake, just makes them appear bigger but with a natural look. I have quite long lashes to start with but I do also find that I benefit from some 'added' length as well. I prefer the sort of natural lash look for daytime to the big over the top lashes which when I want to have, I use Maybelline's 'Falsies'. Natural look lashes just makes your makeup look a little more subtle and less in your face.

The brush is a bristle brush which for me is perfect. I can't stand plastic brushes because i've never got on with them, although saying that i've just started to try out Benefits 'They're Real' (contradicting myself on that one). I find plastic brushes clump my lashes whereas bristle applicators comb through my lashes applying the mascara evenly and effectively, meaning I don't get clumps of mascara or lots of lashes stuck together. I don't know how you ladies get on with plastic brushes but for me they're just a no no. Bristle all the way!

This version of the 'High Impact' is the non-waterproof one which I wouldn't normally go for. I usually go for waterproof based mascaras just because you never know when you're going to get a watery eye, or maybe someone might throw some water in your face (this has happened). I also find that waterproof mascaras stay better on your lashes and don't wear off during the day but saying that, I personally think this has great stay power, even when the wind has made my eyes water a bit or i've been rained on (as long as I don't rub my eyes of course). 

I wouldn't wear this on a night out simply because for nights out I try and go for a more dramatic eye look and I definitely need waterproof mascara, however I would go out and buy the waterproof version of this and wear it for a more sophisticated night out (not that they happen very often). Now this is where the ever so slight downfall is. It does cost £16.50 which I know isn't the most expensive mascara in the world but it certainly isn't the cheapest, especially when you're a student and constantly skint. BUT I have to say, when I run out of this little sample tube I am quite tempted to purchase the full size. I have other cheaper mascaras which are similar but well, you know, everyone wants to splash out on something don't they?

If you're looking for a mascara that adds just a little of the wow factor to your lashes but is also quite subtle, maybe if you're at school and you're not really allowed to wear makeup, then I would definitely try this out. I love how it makes my lashes look and often wear it for work.

You can buy the full size HERE if you want to give it a go


  1. I adore this mascara, Ive been using for the last few months and I'm in love!

  2. Oh my goodness this looks amazing! Your lashes go on forever in the photo! xxx