Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Collective Haul VIDEO


Oh yes, i've taken the plunge and filmed my first proper video for Youtube. I know quite a lot of bloggers also do Youtube and personally I like the idea, it's nice to watch something rather than reading all the time. I know that some of you may not like to watch videos within blogs so i'll also be writing a post to show what i've bought, just so there's something for everyone. Plus I may have purchased a couple more things since filming the video last week.

I'll say now that it isn't a pro video at all. My editing skills are seriously lacking and because I had to change the dimensions of the video (to avoid letterboxing and pillars), the quality isn't as good as it was before uploading. It's also a bit awkward just sitting there and talking into a camera so I do a lot of looking around, and I also say 'so', 'super' and 'cute' rather a lot! I'll also say that I speak quite slowly and sound a bit croaky/stuffy because I was coming down with a cold, so my apologies if I bore you all to death because i'm going too slowly. I'm going to put you all off from watching it soon! Haha. Enjoy :)

I realise I didn't say all the prices for things so here they all are incase you want to know;

Clinique Anti-Blemish £15.50

Sexy Peel Lush Soap £5.37

Orange Jelly Lush Soap £5.30

The Sacred Truth Lush Facemask £5.95

Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment £1
Primark Mascara £1
Primark Chubby Stick dupe £1
Nail Varnish £2.50
Leggings £6
Quilted Tee £6
Skirt £3
Change Purse £2
Bow Bag £8
Slippers £2.50

Red Leather Boots £35
Purple Suede Bag £35
'Make Me Smile' Necklace £4

Faux Suede Boots £38
Skirt £25
Print Leggings £28
Coat £78
Bobble Hat £14


  1. Nice haul ! love your jacket :) following your blog here . i would love if you follow mine :)

    1. Thank you. I love the coat too, seriously never take it off now haha!

      Will check out your blog :)