Monday, 28 October 2013

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I've come to point in time where i'm stuck in this horrible routine of nothingness and sluggish moods. I couldn't even think of a title for this post. No creative juices flowing through my body at all at the minute. I guess this post is a sort of "sorry i've not been very active on here recently and this is why" kinda thing. I'm into my third year of uni and i'll be honest, it's beginning to dawn on me just how much work is needed to be done with so little time. Applying for ethical approval so I can go ahead and start my dissertation, thinking about travel and dates for interviews, researching for it, researching for other modules, thinking about jobs and the soon to be approaching deadlines. 

I love blogging, reading other posts and finding new blogs. During my summer I was on here everyday and thinking of new posts to write about and planning posts for upcoming months, like autumn make-up themes or my favourite lipsticks to wear in autumn. But now I think i've gone into 'I have way too much stuff to do so instead i'll do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING mode'. Like when you know you should do work but instead you take a nap kinda thing. Anyone do that or is that just me? Haha. I know I have stuff to do and I want to take pictures for my blog and write about products but I simply can't. I know I said in my last post with the haul video I would also do a written post of what I bought and I want to do that and will do but right now, I can't even be bothered to pick up the camera. It took me a week to even edit that video (very poorly) and I wasn't even busy to not have been able to do it sooner! I sit here in my room and see that I have the perfect lighting to take some snaps but instead I just watch the light disappear and then all of sudden it's night time and all I have is dingy lightbulb light and it's another day wasted. I mean , i'm literally sat here watching Prison Break or Breaking Bad all day because I don't want to face the amount of work I have to start.

I'm sounding like a depressed old lady haha. So I guess what i'm trying to say is that I haven't lost my love for blogging at all and I will carry on blogging but I need to get into the swing of actually doing something with my life again. I sit at my laptop wanting to read posts and find new blogs but I don't have the energy/drive to do so. I need to sit myself down, get organised and just crack on with it all. Even starting to write this post was a struggle but now i've rambled on a bit and said how I feel i'm all good. Maybe that's what I need, some blog therapy haha. As my third year moves on a bit more posts may become less and less but I solemnly swear that by the end of this week I will get my arse in gear and get back on to what I love, telling you guys about products and hauls. I have soooo much I want to write about so once i'm up and running again you'll probably be overloaded with posts so watch out!

Anyone else ever go through this phase?


  1. I definitely do. Sounds like you need a relaxing break :)

  2. Yes I go through this phase every now and then. I have a plan for my day but end up lounging about at home. But everyone needs a break now and then (:

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  4. You're not the only one! Hope you get back to your normal self soon,
    An easy post to complete is this autumn tag I tagged you in :)
    Check it out on my blog...


  5. Hello,

    I've been through this phase before, especially as a blogger who's been blogging for about 4 years! What I do when this happens is just relax and take a break. You can try getting people to write guest posts while you smoothen things out and get back into the groove of things. :)

    Roxanne C.
    Laced Ivory - Singapore's Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle