Monday, 21 October 2013

OOTD: "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain"


And here's me just pulling a face. As you do..

My gosh isn't the weather just fabulous today...

So today to uni, I wore all new purchases as everything was purchased within the last few weeks (haul post/video coming VERY soon). I started the day off with wearing my hair down but as soon as I got outside I regretted it as it was chucking it down and a tad windy, which meant wet hair in face. Not great. So later on I put my hair up in a scrunchy which is why I have hair down and hair up photo's (some were taken this morning, some this afternoon). I sorta regretted wearing these leggings as well because they got wet very easily which meant cold legs, which then went itchy from the drying fabric. I also had to take the faux fur lining off from my hood as I didn't want it to get ruined by the rain and go all horrible.
Coat Topshop £78
Quilted Tee Primark £6
Leggings Primark £6
Boots Topshop £38
Necklace Dorothy Perkins £4.80 (reduced in the sale)
Watch River Island £10
Scrunchy Primark £1 (pack of two)
Bag Primark £8
Umbrella Free ('borrowed' from work)

The necklace is actually a cobalt blue colour in the light but lighting wasn't fab in my room and the colour just isn't showing up in the pictures. Also, i've possibly just given my self however many years of bad luck it is by putting my brolly up indoors! And a final note, sorry if the pictures are blurry/out of focus, it really is difficult trying to take pictures of yourself by yourself with no one to check if it's all in focus. I need a photographer!


  1. Love the leggins, super cute!


  2. i LOVE that coat! Perfect for the colder weather - i love a good snuggly coat :) You're very brave with the umbrella up indoors :P x x

    1. I've seen so many people around my uni wearing this coat now! haha i know, lets just hope no bad luck comes my way


  3. that coat is so beautiful! i love a warm winter jacket xx

  4. Those leggings are quite amazing x