Friday, 20 December 2013

Jam Tarts and Festive Jumpers



Me and my housemates celebrated christmas a little early the other weekend as we were all leaving to head off home and celebrate christmas with our families. So we had a little party and a festive chinese takeaway (of course). We all bought each other a present and placed them under a little christmas tree which I thought looked rather cute. We made jam tarts, our decoration skills aren't amazing but my gosh they tasted blummin lovely. I may have burnt my mouth being too eager to try one out (lesson learnt).

For my present I got some rather cute polar bear socks and some cute knickers from Topshop (they know me too well ) as well as some lovely smelling bath gels. Once presents were opened we cracked open the drinks and we may all have gotten a little merry (drink sensibly guys). We started by playing pass the parcel which when you have no one to stop the music can get a little tricky. Each layer had a forfeit but to make it nicer we taped some sweets into each layer haha. I came up with the game of pinning the snowmans nose, hat and scarf back onto his face, once you were tipsy, blindfolded and been spun around of course (just to make it that bit harder). And as creator of the snowman it was only right that I won - yaaaaaay. We then went onto play twister which i've not played in years and well, I wasn't that great at it haha, especially after some vodka! Then  of course came the food, a festive chinese because we couldn't be bothered to cook a roast (students for you) and of course there was dessert. Three layers of vodka jelly!! (just incase we hadn't had enough to drink)

As you can see by the last picture I had some festive jumper to wear! I couldn't decide which one to wear at first but then opted for the snowman jumper. It is actually a mens' Primark one but I prefered the mens jumpers to the women's so why not aye?

My favourite christmas songs of all time are
The Pogues Fairytale of Newyork
you scumbag you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot, happy christmas your arse I pray god it's our last
Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas
Cus baby all I want for christmas is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

FIVE DAYS TO GO (i'm excited)

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