Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Life in Pictures


Wow i've had a whole month off from blogging! I never actually meant for that to happen but I had a busy November and before I knew it it was December. So I thought i'd show some snippets as to what I got up to.

At the beginning of the month I travelled down to Hereford to see my dad for the weekend as we were also going to see Chris Ramsey. The train took forever to get there and when you're on a 3 hour journey and really needing a wee, it's not good. I know I could of relieved myself on the train but it was super packed and I didn't want to leave my seat incase someone else grabbed it. So I suffered in silence and did the little wee dance (we all know what i'm talking about when I say that right?). Chris Ramsey was quite funny and a lot shorter than I expected in real life! Or maybe that's because his warm up act was very tall so made him look like a midget in comparison?

The following week I then hit milestone. I turned TWENTY-ONE, my god i'm starting to feel old. I'm an absolute lover of fancy dress so I decided to go out dressed in 80's gym wear. Yes I know, it's not the most flattering but it was either that idea or minions and well, most people weren't really up for painting themselves yellow. I finally got a rather lovely watch from Marc Jacobs, i've been asking for a decent watch for ages and was so happy to finally get one! my dad bought me two rather stunning rings, one has  a little black diamond in which I didn't even know existed so that was a lovely treat. I also got two birthday cakes (greedy cow is what you're all thinking right now) plus some little cupcakes from my friend and fellow blogger Jess from 'Made you Look'. I was given a MAC makeover gift card from Jess which I cannot wait to use so I can look all nice and bootiful (will take a lot of doing).

The following night from my birthday Jess had her birthday party which was a sexy Ann Summers party. I'd never been to one before so didn't know what to expect. I half thought you had to wear something from Ann Summers, haha silly me. Luckily I was told that you didn't, phew! We played the Ann Summers version of the 'chubby bunny' challenge which I didn't win and I won't say what we said on here, far too rude haha. I had a brilliant night and we all had lots of laughs followed by some cocktails at Coco Tang. I had the Toblerone cocktail which if you're from Nottingham and you've never been here, you need to go and try this drink out for sure!

Towards the end of the month I went home back to Lincoln for a few days to celebrate my birthday with the family. I had a lovely meal out at Browns Pie Shop which if you're from Lincoln or you visit Lincoln at all then you really need to eat here. I love going home, eating my mum's food and most importantly seeing my best buddy, my dog haha! My mum gave me a phone cover with a picture of my dog on it for my birthday which I thought was rather cute.

It may not be everyone's scene but I went to see Disclosure play live at Rock City which was amazing, especially when Sam Smith came on at the end. Nearly had a heart attack haha. To think that one of them is about my age and the other even younger and they've achieved so much for themselves, kinda jealous of them to be honest. The only downside to the night was that it was an event for 14 years+ which meant  a load of young teenagers. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind younger kids, especially as I used to be one (obviously) but they do scream a lot at ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING which can get on your nerves after a while but hey ho.

Finally, i've really had to start cracking down on my uni work. To think that i'm in my final year and as of yet i've not really done a lot isn't all that good to be honest. So i've been sitting down and planning everything and sorting things out for my dissertation, planning essay questions etc. The work load was starting to pile up so I really needed to take some action. I also started to question what it was a wanted to do in life, I got a rejection email for a job I applied for and failed to go any further in another job due to my inability to read at a super fast pace (must work on this). So i've come up with something which I would absolutely LOVE to do but it's just whether that works out or not. Fingers crossed!

So that was my November month in a quick-ish post. I did so many other little things which made the month fly by but now it's come to pretty much my favourite time of the year, CHRISTMAS!

Hope you've all got an advent calendar counting down the days

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