Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Santas Been to Visit & A Little New Year Message

Hope you all had a lovely christmas!

I know this post is a few days late and by now you've probably read quite a few of these posts and you're all moving on to new years posts,  but I loved reading what everyone else got, so I thought i'd show you what I got for christmas too. I didn't actually open most of my presents until saturday as I was away from home at christmas down at my dads house so I was a little envious reading some posts when I hadn't even opened mine. 

My stocking this year was a little different in that my mini gifts were given in a set of draws, which will come in handy to store all my make-up bits. I did actually have two little Lindt bears but I may have demolished one before photographing (I just couldn't resist)

I'm a lover of Soap & Glory and I think my family may know this. It was by accident I got two big tubs of the Sugar Crush Body Scrub but i'm not going to complain as I love the stuff. Mmmmm going to be smelling fresh!

I have been after this for aaaaaaages but as I had asked for it on my christmas list I had to resist buying it (which was really hard). I've started to use and it such a great cleanser I may do a review on it soon.

MY FIRST EVER MAC COSMETICS!! Yup you read right, i've never owned anything by MAC so when I opened these little beauties I was rather chuffed. My sister didn't realise just how pricey they were so apparently when selecting the colours i'd picked out she eventually noticed the price so limited it to just three. I'm still a happy bunny though

My mum actually bought this without even smelling it so it was going to be a surprise to all of us as to what it actually smelt like. I seem to be the only person that likes it though.

I was glad to get this, my old hairdryer is a few years old now and not as powerful so drying my hair was becoming a long stage in getting ready.

This is a beautiful silver bracelet which i'm going to save for special events

This little bangle is sooooo cute. I don't know what type of material it is but it's something different.

Can't wait to start wearing these. I don't think they're my families cup of tea but I love them.

Can't go a christmas without getting new slippers!

A simple black knitted jumper

I like the whole acid wash effect so this was a perfect simple t-shirt.

This is the only onesie I own and just look how cute it is!

Chocolate disguised as brussels (I hate sprouts!)

This was the last present I received (yesterday to be precise) as I had to wait for it to come in the post. It's so beautiful isn't it? Can you even call a radio beautiful?  Everywhere had sold out which made me a little sad as I wanted to physically hold it and say it was mine but that wasn't to be. I had to wait but now it's FINALLY MINE.

I'm a little sad now that christmas is over as it's my favourite time of the year. I wish we had snow for it as well but the english weather decided to give us wind and rain instead (typical). It's now time to celebrate the start of a new year and I hope you all have a lovely evening and celebrate in style however you do it! Oh and don't make any resolutions you know you won't keep. I do it every year as I make such unrealistic aims. This year i'm going to keep it simple so hopefully by the end of 2014 I can actually say I'll have kept my resolutions.



  1. lovely post, amazing gifts and your home looks so cosy! xxx

  2. clinique cleansing balm seems very interesting! Xx would love a full review!