Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Makeover Experience

(FYI it's going to be a loooong post. Stick the kettle on)

Photo has lost colour and is a bit blurry as I had to take a picture of the photo from my phone

Towards the end of last year I purchased some vouchers over the phone to have a makeover and photography shoot with Flawless, who as the lady said on the phone are 'five star makeover and photography studios'. I wouldn't normally buy anything over the phone but a friend had already purchased some and told me about it (she hadn't actually been to the studios yet though), so when I got the call I grabbed some vouchers. Admittedly it was a bit of an impulse buy as I hadn't looked them up or read any reviews. I simply went with what the rather jolly and polite lady was telling me on the phone (who of course is trying to upsell so will be positive about it). It wasn't until after paying for them I realised I never actually asked where the studios were (doh), luckily one of the studios wasn't too far and was in Manchester (phew). I should probably also mention that when I bought the vouchers I thought I was paying for more of a spa day which had a makeover and photography section in it, as when on the phone I mentioned how I wanted a spa day for my 21st and the lady was like 'Oh this will be perfect for you, you could come and spend the day here with your friends'. But my mistake, I must of heard her wrong. Anyway, the other week me and two friends finally went for the day and were made over and photographed.

We arrived at the studios, which i'll be honest, didn't look very 5* from the outside but once inside the decor wasn't too shabby with lots of glitz and glam. The studio was A LOT smaller than I imagined, it had the hair and makeup 'sections', private (but share with your friends) changing rooms and two photography suites. The lady at the desk was so lovely, chirpy and very attentive. She offered us drinks and we sat down and filled out a form, specifying any airbrushing we wanted and what sort of make-up/ hair look we wanted. I was then called to the hair 'section' (I say section as everything was all in the same small-ish room, so in full view of everyone else) where the lady asked how I wanted my hair. I had my hair done and then moved to the make-up section. Now, I can't fault the make-up look as it's what I wanted but I had a few issues with the application and the products. As I had paid for supposed 5* make-up I personally expected to see some higher end products on the counter, but instead there was a lot of Sleek and Rimmel, which don't get me wrong, are great products as I use the brands myself. But when you've paid for something like this you expect something more right? I also had an issue with the brushes. Both make-up counters only had 1 set of brushes which of course means using the same brushes on everyone. I wasn't expecting new brushes for every single person they see to but I thought they would at least have 2 or 3 sets. My skins very sensitive and gets spots so easily so I was bit apprehensive with having brushes on my face which have been used very recently to do someone elses face. I did though see the lady give them a very basic/quick clean before then doing my friends make-up after me. The brushes also weren't very soft so felt a bit scratchy on my face. Am I being too picky?

Next up for the final step in the makeover was the "mini-manicure". Let me just say that although I have never had my nails done professionally I know what a manicure involves and what I got was not a manicure. The makeover lady asked what colour I would like so I picked out this really lovely red colour. I then expected to have my nails filed before being painted, but no, she went straight to the painting part and this is the result.....

Not the best paint job ever is it? Admittedly these pictures were taken the next day so some slight chipping had occurred around the tips of my nails but yeah, neat nails huh?..

Final part of the day was the photography. The two young photographers were lovely and friendly making us at ease when we went into the two studios. Each studio has different types of wallpapers and backdrops against them so you could have a photo against each one. They told us all the poses to pull which I really wish you could just also do your own thing, like if I want to pull a cute smiley pose then let me, but it was all a bit posey and serious. If you're doing this for a model portfolio then it's great but I wanted something a bit more natural. After each shot the girls would be like 'Oh that's perfect' so I was happy that they thought I was doing an alright job in front of the lense, as I can get a bit self conscious in front of others and i'm not always the most photogenic. After a couple of outfit changes and a load of photo's later I was finished and it was time to view my photo's once the effects had been added. 

Looking at some of the photo's I wasn't overly happy with them. Not in an angry not happy way, just a 'I look kinda awful way'. I know that because I naturally have a chubby face, photo's need to be taken from a higher angle else you'll get my double chin and what I like to call my 'bulldog cheeks' in shot. I realise this sounds a bit vain and over picky but I wanted the perfect image. I also noticed that in quite a few of the shots I had lipstick on my teeth which the photographers must have failed to notice because of course all the shots were 'perfect'. I did also think that some of the photos had far too much editing to them, I almost looked like an animated person I was that smooth and airbrushed in some images! There were some really nice ones but I could only choose one. I wanted a few more but the cheapest package they do is about £360 just to have 8 photo's put onto a disk. SAY WHAT! And as me and my friends were students, we politely declined the offer of any packages and stuck with the freebie photo each.

Overall the day was enjoyable, I didn't dislike being there but it just wasn't what I expected. Maybe I had my expectations too high, or maybe they really aren't the 5* studios they advertise to be and I am right to of been slightly disappointed. I would give their customer service a 5* rating for sure, but as a customer, I wouldn't rate it overall as a 5* experience. I would definitely say that this is more for girls (or even boys) who aspire to be a model so want some professional photos done. Best thing was that I now had amazing makeup for our next stop at Revs for a few cheeky cocktails before heading back to Nottingham. 

Has anyone else been to the Flawless studios before? What did you think?



  1. Nice post! I've never been there. :/


    1. To be honest it's nothing fancy, I think they're better studios with better photography


  2. Oh my god, you actually went there!? Damn. You should of asked me the reason I DIDN'T go (they even tried extending my vouchers as they knew I was so angry, but I refused to go). Plus, I would never give them a 'customer service' rating - they don't deserve any. I feel like I've been scammed. The woman lied her way through on the day I bought the full package, I'll give her a top score for being such a fake. False advertising, very rude staffs over the phone who had also made fun of me, plus I never got my money back in the end.

    I'll tell you the FULL story when I see you next time for a catch up. I'm sure you will enjoy it, and I was VERY close to sue the whole company. Definitely understand every parts of your complaints. You're not being picky at all.

    see you soon!

    Boonya -

    1. When I first rang up asking if I could have a refund because she had sold it as more if a spa day then I realised it wasn't, she was like "I never said that at all". Too which I am damn sure she did, so she extended my vouchers. I did only sort of go because I didn't want to waste my money. Once there the staff were lovely though so I couldn't complain about that. It was just everything else. I do think there are better studios as I've had photos done before.

      Can't wait for a catch up, I'll be popping back to Lincoln every now and then for dissertation stuff so could meet the ,


    2. Oh my god Boonya, can't believe they were that bad, I got the offer but I thought it was a bit of a scam as they wanted me to pay for it there and then and wouldn't let me check their validity! She sounds so rude! So more for the 'customer is always right' attitude! So glad I didn't end up going now! Although I think your photo looks really ace Bryan! Did you get to keep them?
      Jess xo

  3. That picture looks amazing! You really do look flawless!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award btw!
    Check it out here...