Monday, 24 February 2014

Apple Customer Care

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My experience with Apple started off with smiles and politeness but it soon turned a bit sour. I’ll start my saying what my issue is, my broken 6 month old IPhone 5. Since the 13th Feb it’s been playing up with a rattle occurring, switching off all the time and the screen going green. None of these as you’ll know are normal for a phone. I literally couldn’t do anything before it would turn itself off. I haven’t dropped my phone, I haven’t spilt anything on it so why had these things started to happen? Well, I went all the way to Sheffield to find out why.

The happy chap, or Genius as Apple calls them, reviewed my ‘case’ and agreed that many manufacture faults were to blame for my messed up phone and so he will replace it. “Yaaaay” I thought, my phone is going to be sorted out. I agreed to the T&C’s about data loss from my old phone and I signed for my new replacement to which he then issued me. So why did things turn a bit sour I hear you ask? (okay I can’t hear you)
After signing for my replacement he took my old phone from me and said he needed to take it out the back, “fair enough” I thought as it must be protocol. He came back 15 minutes later and explained that my phone couldn’t actually be replaced because some “modifications” had been made. Excuse me, modifications? Yes, apparently the serial number inside my phone and the adhesive that holds the battery down had been removed and so because of this Apple could no longer do anything, they won’t even repair it. Oooh my face went red with anger and I could feel myself burning with rage (I don’t have temper issues but this had just pissed me off – excuse my language). I didn’t even know how to put the sim card in when I got the phone 6 months ago, let alone know how to take the back off it and make these so called modifications. I’ve never given it to anyone for them to play about with it and I’ve never lost it. So how had these occurred? I opened my phone from an unopened and sealed box so clearly Apple is at fault here for either building a dodgy uncompleted phone, they’ve re-packaged and resold a dodgy phone or dare I say it, they're lying and there have been no changes to my phone. But of course they were having none of it, it’s my fault about these changes and so it’s not their problem. So of course they tried to pass it off onto my service provider to sort it out but just my luck, they won’t touch the phone because only Apple will deal with it. NOT my day!
So after storming out of the shop with a face as red as baboons bottom and my usual polite self-disappeared entirely to make way for pissed off and don’t even talk to me Bryany (I still said thank you for his help before leaving), I got thinking. Surely as I had signed for my replacement and a new phone had been issued, legally is that new phone now not mine? And surely as the new phones IMEI number had now been registered under my name and contract, the phone belongs to me because they can’t give it to someone else now it’s registered with me can they? To insult me just that bit further I then received a conformation email about my appointment and that my phone has indeed been replaced. Oh you can imagine the fury build inside me again!

 Four days later and after mum’s been speaking to the manager of Apple customer care (because you know, I don’t have a phone so can’t do it myself – thanks mum) they are still refusing to replace my phone and living without a phone is hard work. How I hate that I’ve fallen victim to our first world consumerist and technology needy society *sighs*. Living without a phone these days is almost impossible, it’s how we get in contact with people, how we socialise on the go and just live our daily lives. I didn’t think having no phone wold have such an impact but it’s so frustrating. I could just buy a cheap phone with a PAYG sim but why should I? I’m paying (okay my mums paying) £30 for the privilege of an IPhone and so if I’m paying that, I refuse to spend more money on a cheap phone which I shouldn’t have to buy. Yes I can be stubborn. I’m almost tempted to tell Apple to go f*ck themselves and I’ll switch to their main rival and see if they have better customer care.

Some of you may just think I am going off on a rant and the customer care wasn’t that bad but when the Genius accused me off making the changes even after I said I had no knowledge of them he still was basically saying it’s my fault and kept my replacement phone, which I’m rightfully entitled to, in his back pocket and refused to deal with my phone any further. They simply will not hear me out and look into the problem. Call my cynical but I reckon he’s kept it for himself. Sorry Apple (pissed off version of myself talking here). If I had damaged my phone myself I would completely understand all this but I haven't so for the moment and until they replace or repair my phone, Apple is no friend of mine.
Have any of you had trouble with Apple or does anyone know what I should do? Is that phone legally mine after signing for it?

I’m so lost without a phone haha, HELP