Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spending Pennies | Haul


A few weeks ago, okay about six weeks ago, I thought I'd splash some cash (not that I have a lot of it but you know, go wild and all that) and this is what I bought. I popped into MAC actually wanting to buy my sister a birthday present but sort of came out with two lipsticks all for myself. Ooops.
My purchases have just been floating around my room waiting for me to take some pictures so I can share with you, which of course has meant resisting using any of them until now. That was hard, especially with the Lush stuff, but at least it's been making my room smell a-mazing! I did also buy a couple of dresses but I thought this could just be a beauty haul so I'll save them for another time. This is what I bought; 

King of Skin Body Butter £5.50
Ooooh this leaves your skin feeling moisterised. I've only used this a couple of times now and I do like using it, only issue is that it starts to melt in your hands do quickly so becomes a bit slippery and does leave you feeling a little oily afterwards. However, it is a fun product and smell really nice too.
Red Fun Bar  £5
This is honestly the best smelling thing EVER! I can't describe what it smells like. It's like washing yourself with a red, bubbly sweet that sends your nostrils to smell heaven. Basically I love the smell haha. Only down side is that after you've washed with it, you don't really smell it on you so can't carry on the day with the lush scent.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation £8.99
This is a repurchase as I like using this foundation so much. I've purchased a lighter shade this time which is more suited for my exceptionally pale skin. I said in a post a while ago that i'm going to do a review post on this, I will get round to it (promise)

Collection Concealer £4.19
Every bloggers favourite concealer right? Again this is a repurchase and I did buy two but didn't really see much point in photographing two fo them if it's the same thing. Another reason for buying two was because both Boots and Superdrug had been out of stock for ages so I just grabbed a couple incase they run out again! I think maybe it's going to be a little heavy for more warmer weather as I get oily skin so could become cakey on my skin. But for now it's my go to

Seventeen Cheek Stamp £4.99
This intriqued me as i've never seen this before. It's basically a little pot with compressed powder blush and the 'lid' has a sponge on it which you use to apply the blush. I've not used this yet so not sure how good it will be but I thought it was worth a try.

Real Techniques Silicon Liner Brush £5.99
I'm a lover of gel liners as I think they last much longer and are just easy to use. It does say on the package for this that it can be used for liquid liners but I thought it would work just as well with gel. Unfortunatly it doesn't as it really doesn't apply it very well at all. Don't know if it's just me but after a couple of dodgy attempts I reverted back to using  an actualy liner brush instead. It is however relly soft and gently on your eye lids when applying, so i'll save this for liquid liners instead.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous £15
This is such a lovely purple beryy colour. I was a little worried it would be dark fro my skin tone but it's actually a really nice bright colour that's slightly pinky when applied. It's a matte lipstick and has such great stay power with hardly any need to reaaply.

MAC Impassioned £15
This has more of a gloss effect to it and so it's not so matte. It's a dark peach colour which I think is going to be a perfect summer colour. I have a feeling both of these lipsticks will become my summer favourites this year!