Monday, 26 May 2014

Bags for Summer | Wishlist


As summer approaches i'm spending more time on the internet scouring for the perfect summer dress, sandals, hats, sunglasses and to go with them all, the perfect bag. Of course everything I find is going into my ever expanding online wishlist because you know, times are hard and all that after already spending over the past couple of months (when will I learn?). So here are some of the bags i'm currently in love with as I do have quite a few.

Top left: Accessorize Hilary Compartment Bag £39
The colour of this is just beautiful and will brighten any outfit up. My sister has actually bought this and i'm rather jealous. 

Top Middle: Topshop Clean Pocket Backpack £34
I don't know why but I was amazed at how 'cheap' this is considering Topshop have a tendency to overprice things to the extreme (though I still love you Mr Topshop). It may not seem that cheap but I was still shocked. This duck egg-y blue bag would look adorable i think with a pale/white floral kimono of some sorts and maybe some shorts or light jeans.

Top Right: Accessorize Georgina Winged Handheld Bag £32
Okay so I know this is very similar to the first back but but you can never have enough coral (one of my fave colours) and it is a slightly different design. To me it would be more of a small travelling bag than one i would take around town.

Bottom Left: Accessorize Daisy Cutout Across Body £19
Is this not cute? Yup it is and I adore it. If i had this i would definitely use it as a formal outing bag or as a small bag for the day if I don't have too much to carry. I would maybe match it with a pale summery dress, or perhaps spruce up a darker dress to add a bit of colour. Or go plain and girl next door look with just some jeans, Converse and a sleeveless loose top.

Bottom Middle: Accessorize Structured Tab Bag £35
I don't own any tan coloured bags and this just looks like a sophisticated bag that would go with pretty much every day wear look. And is one of those bags which can be used throughout the year, not just summer. As it has long handles it would mean I can actually carry it on my shoulder rather than my arm as I cannot stand doing that. I'm a hands/arms free person so will avoid short handled bags if I can.

Bottom Right: Accessorize Botanical Rucksack £37
Saved my favourite till last. It's not going to be to everyone's taste but I frickin love it. I had to resist very hard when I was in Accessorize a few weeks back and everytime I see it I want it more and more. Soooo this could become less of a want item and more of a purchased one. Doesn't it just make you think of summer when you see it? Is it sad i'm smiling whilst writing about this bag? Possibly so but hey ho, my perfect summer bag!

I realise that pretty much every bag is from Accessorize and this is not a sponsored post in anyway, I just happen to love a lot of their stuff at the minute. Which is a rarity as often I don't venture in there and see anything I like. It's only because my sister dragged me in there that I stumbled across these (thank you Robyn).

Do you like any of the bags? Or which bags are you wishing for summer?