Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Brighton Blues


Flicking through my pictures, I realised I never posted about my short get away to Brighton with two of the bestest bestest people in my life. Looking back at the photos has made me want to go back so badly, especially now the weather is getting a little chilly and the clouds are making an appearance again. We stayed for a couple of days, sleeping in the Grapevine Hostel along the sea front (such cheap prices at this place!) and spending all day blissfully enjoying the sunshine. I'd been obsessing with going to Brighton for well over a year, and probably got on everyone's nerves constantly banging on about the place. But last summer I kept reading posts of trips to sunny ol' Brighton and  just wanted to go so so sooooo badly. After some time, my obsession became a reality and I loved it. Brighton is a beautiful place to be.
To sum our trip up, I got pooed on my a seagull - is that really good luck?, went on the pier roller-coaster, went on the open top tourist bus, ate ice cream, tried out the local bars, got sunburn, 
tried out the seafood (I won't be trying again, ewww), witnessed several sexual actions take place on the beach at 3am (naughty), walked around the Lanes which is such a cute area, drank milkshake from ChoccyWoccyDooDaa (OMG amazing), but most importantly because we were at the seaside, we had fish and chips. Well they had fish and chips, I had just chips with gravy and ketchup. My friend who's more northern than me -she's a Yorkshire lass- even turned her nose up at the combo but honestly it does work! I was a little sad they didn't know what scraps were though. Are they called something else in the south or is just a more northen thing??

I love Brighton and hope I can go back soon. To anyone who hasn't been, GO! But don't expect sandy beaches like my friend did. You'll be a tad disappointed!


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