Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MAC Magenta Lip Pencil


Us girls (and possibly some boys) use lip pencils for a number of reasons, whether it's to fill, shape or define our lips. My most favourite lipstick ever since buying it is MAC's Flat Out Fabulous and it is my go to lippy. So to add a lil bit more drama to my already brightly coloured lips, I wanted a lip pencil to help add a bit more definition and this was the one. Now, I wouldn't normally go for a colour of this shade but because of the lipstick I wanted to pair it with, it was an easy choice and one without any ums and questionable aaars. 

The shade is beautiful, a lovely deep rich purple with a slight fuchsia tint to it and fantastic pigmentation. It's bright, it's bold and it's daring. The actual pencil does give the impression that the colour will be of a more purple tone but once you swatch, you discover the fuchsia-y, plummy purple delight. It matches so well with Flat Out Fabulous which is a deep pink/ purple colour and I know some girls who also pair this with Girl About Town, a slightly pinker lippy than FOF. It's the perfect darker version to add the definition I so wanted.
MAC lip pencils have a creamy formula so although they do look like a dry pencil, application is so smooth and they have amazing durability without the need for regular touch-ups. Also, there's none of the whole going over and over the same patch to achieve the best colour, one stroke and it's there, as bright as it is on the nib. I would say that personally, even though it is creamy to use, it can after some time become a little dry and so any topping up I do do (do, do, do, dooo, do), becomes a tad tricky because it pulls my lips a little. But as I say, that's me personally and it could be down to the fact I naturally have drier lips and as a person who uses liners so rarely, I can't say whether it's the product or my lips. Or it could be that I'm using it with a matte lippy which of course has so glossiness to it.

Admittedly it is towards the more pricey side at £12.50 but what MAC product isn't expensive? And I don't mean that in a bad way at all, I truly believe MAC is worth every penny you spend and it makes it that little bit more special when you purchase, because it's a treat to ourselves every now and then.

If you're thinking about purchasing any of the MAC lip pencils, I really would recommend going into a store and checking them out physically rather than just looking online. Don't be fooled by the very obvious purple shade the website represents this colour to be. If I had just looked online I wouldn't have chosen any of them to match my lipstick so it's always better to try and give the lovely MAC ladies a visit and ask. 

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Which lip pencils do you like?

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