Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Storage Ideas | Nail Varnishes


With my ever expanding nail varnish collection, I really needed to think of some new ideas as to how to store them. Originally I had what looked like a long box lid with three sections to it, which soon enough became too small. And because I couldn't see the colours, as they were so packed into a small space, I painted a little dot of the varnish on the lid so I could easily select my colour of choice (organised or me just being lazy?). Although I could now see all the colours, I wanted something different than to just shoving the box in a draw where they'll stay under cover and I won't be inspired to paint my nails. So low and behold the idea of glass jars.
I love how you can see all the colours, adding some colour to my room, as well as reminding/ inspiring me to paint my nails because I can actually see what I have among my collection. The slight issue of me now being unemployed has halted anymore additions and so the big and little jar will do perfectly for me for now. 

Large Kilner Jar Wilkinsons £4
You can find these in most supermarkets/ food/ homeware stores

Small jar free as recycled from a used candle.

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