Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn/ Winter Coats | Highstreet Wishlist


"Winter is coming" (any Game of Thrones fans?).
Leaves are falling, it's getting colder and so the coats are coming out to keep us warm. I already have a large selection of coats, some aren't the warmest admittedly, but here's a few I would love to get for this winter.

Purple Fur Collar Coat from Sainsburys
Fluffy Wool Check Duster Jacket from Topshop
Grey Grid Check Collared Coat from New Look
Check Print Jersey Coat from Topshop
Dark Green Zig Zag Texture Coat from River Island

I love this style of coat as they allow room for wearing layers underneath and will go with any outfit (maybe not trackie bottoms). I first saw the grey grid coat from Topshop but after a ganders on the web I came across a much cheaper alternative from New Look and it's almost an exact match, so it pays to look around. River Islands Zig Zag coat is my fave out of the bunch as it looks so simple but at a closer glance you can see the pattern detailing giving the jacket a sort of understated quality. I haven't seen this in the flesh so I hope that when I do, it looks just as good as it does on the internet.


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