Monday, 1 December 2014

"Where Have You Been?"

Where have I been the past couple of months, or actually this past year as my post numbers are pretty low for 2014. Well, I'm still here and I'm dying to write posts every other day to keep you guys interested in my blog, there's just one problem, I don't have a laptop anymore and so writing posts has become a bit of a difficulty. It's become sooooo frustrating because I have so many posts I want to be writing, including my winter outfits and makeup but I just can't. I have the images and ideas but getting to a computer/laptop can be a struggle. I feel like I've neglected by blog and so become separated from the blogging world as i'm posting so rarely. 

So I guess this post is just a quick message to say that I am still here and I still love blogging. I'll post when possible as I really really want to post my christmassy posts, and after christmas, i'm gunna take the plunge and get myself a cheap laptop to keep me going.

Hopefully post soon!