Monday, 12 January 2015

Dark and Dramatic

I'm a bit late to the scene writing about dark lips but if you read a previous post you'll see why.

For the winter I have loved dark lips but always thought they suited others more as I have quite a pale complexion, so getting the balance right between having the perfect shade of dark and trying not to look like a goth was a bit tricky. But in the end I managed it and with a late favourite given as a christmas gift, I now have my three perfect shades. 

Maybelline Color Drama in 310 'Berry Much'
This as described on the product is a "velvet lip pencil" and it's right, it's just that. Upon application, the pencil glides so smoothly over the lips and leaves behind a vibrant deep berry/ purple shade. Almost like the colour if you've been handling blackberries and you get the juice on your hands. No need to have to keep going over your traces to achieve a rich colour, and no re-tracing means no wasted product. This is the first lip pencil i've tried from Maybelline and I would certainly try more colours. Every time i've worn this, my lips have felt so soft throughout the day without any drying up and the durability has really impressed me. Usually when i've worn lip pencils i've had to reapply as the colour has totally come off  but with this little number, i've only had to top up as the colour doesn't fade easily. And of course, because it's a highstreet drugstore brand, it's cheap too so no expense spared if it did turn out to be a product regret (which I think we know now that it wasn't). My only slight criticisms with this would be that when drinking, it does leave behind a trace of sticky lip marks so I tend to drink through a straw when wearing this. Also, as it's a pencil, it doesn't have the fine on point edge that a lipstick has, so achieving a fine detail line on the outside is a little tricky because the nib is just so blunt and wide. Plus, it does smudge quite easily as well.  I would still recommend this for those with pale complexions (or any complexion for that matter) as although deep and rich in shade, it's not too dark if that at all makes sense.

Revlon 477 'Black Cherry'
This is very similar to the lip pencil, except this has more of a red tone to it and so offers a slightly less purple shade and one that is a little darker in terms of vibrance. I personally would say that the name for this lipstick is very accurate for the colour it gives and so a real representation as to what your lips will look like. When winding the lipstick up it does look extremely dark for someone of my complexion, and as there was no tester when I bought it, I did think to myself that my money was wasted once I opened it at home. However, I gave it a try and in reality it doesn't appear as dark on the lips as it does just as the lipstick. It has a glossy texture applying so easily and doesn't stick to your lips or drag them around as you try to continue putting the lippy on. It also leaves my lips soft and moisturized because of its creamy, glossy texture and so dry lips has never become an issue. For the periods that I have worn it, the colour has lasted so well and I find this stays on just a little better than the Maybelline pencil. But I can't say too much on this as I have never worn it for hours on end as I have with the pencil. And again, as with the pencil, this can be found in drugstores for under £10 so a relatively cheap winter lippy.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution 'Love Liberty'
*Drools* I still need to take in the fact that I own this, it's beautiful, I love it, I want to wear it all the time but at the same time preserve it so it never gets ruined. This is my favorite of the three and the little beauty that I got for christmas (thank you). I don't love this because it's an expensive brand, or that the packing is just to die for (though that's partly the reason), this is my favourite because I love matte lipsticks and because this looks the best on my face. It isn't as dark or as purple as the previous two, Love Liberty gives a more pink berry shade with a punch of richness to it. The texture is creamy, gliding over the lips and with one application the full potential of this colour is sat on your lips. Durability is amazing, I have worn this for hours and hours, licked my lips, drank from glasses and yet when I look in the mirror, it looks like it did when I first applied. Although a matte lipstick, it does have a slight element of a creamy look about it as there's just a hint of shimmer in it. Compared to all my other matte lipsticks, this definitely wins as not once have my lips felt dry, whereas with my other such as Rimmel 107, I find after a couple of hours i'm needing to lather on the lip balm to get some moisture back. It also has much sharper edges/ detailing to it and so getting the straight lines on the outer lip is easily achieved. Something which I thought would be slightly difficult due to its square point. Because this isn't as dark and deep I think it can be worn during summer months as well as having a pink tone to it, it could be worn all year round as it would suit any season. Dare I say that I have a slight criticism about it? As much as I don't want to say anything bad about it, I need to. I have found when wearing Love Liberty that it can smudge quite easily as so I have at times been paranoid about walking around with a dark pink smudge on my face. But as long as you have friends close to you who are honest and will tell you, I guess it's nothing to worry about.

So those are my three lip products I use to achieve dark and dramatic lips with a pale complexion. Obviously the Charlotte Tilbury is a new addition and so I haven't been wearing it throughout all of winter but it's still a winner to wear for this winters season dark lip trend.

What dark colours have you been wearing? Would love to find some more



  1. I love dark plum lips so this selection is perfect! Definitely want to get my hands on the Revlon and Maybelline one!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty & lifestyle

  2. I love a nice dark lip! Do need to try the maybelline one, definitely caught my attention.