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"Mr Grey will see you now" | 50 Shades of Grey

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So 50 Shades of Grey, Yay or Nay? A success or a flop? Does it live up to expectations?
Well here's what I thought

If you're under 18 you're not going to have watched this film (legally anyway), and if you are of the age but haven't yet seen it then don't worry, I won't be giving away any spoilers.

I have read and re-read the 50 Shades trilogy (yes I clearly have too much time on my hands) and so I had pretty high expectations of this film. No it wasn't going to contain a lot of the erotic-ness, yes a lot of the book was going to be missed out, and yes I knew they had to tone it all down a bit else it would be like sitting down in the cinema and watching porn for two hours (did you hear about the women caught doing something *ahem* rather rude. The shame!). But still, I was rather excited to sit down and watch this highly anticipated and raved about film. The person who checks and rips your ticket before you can enter the screen even said "enjoy the saucy film" to which I replied that I would.

But it was all a bit "meh" for me if  i'm going to be totally honest. The film starts off on a bit of a slow note and continues like that throughout. To put it bluntly it was a tad boring even in the "saucy" parts. I was sat there watching it just thinking it was all a bit mono-tonal when characters spoke and scenes were slooow. Like I know it's not an action film so can't expect a fast pace but my god, it's like they've filmed it and then added a tadge of the slow mo effect when doing all the editing. I think they've tried to be the seductive slow throughout but failed.

It's one of those films where if you haven't read the book you might not understand all of it as it's very jumpy between scenes as apart from the sex scenes, there doesn't feel to be any build up to the next shot. It like one scene is over and BAM it's another scene. Know what I mean? And also, some things that are said, you'll only understand the reference if you've read the book and so actually know what they're on about, for example when the notorious Mr Grey asks "do you have everything you need?". Those who have seen the film will know this part hopefully and understand what I mean. I can't really fully explain the scene without giving a spoiler, and so it's a little tricky to get my point across. But yeah, that's possibly an issue of confusion for 50 Shades virgins (those who knew nothing about the plot till watching). On a positive though, if you haven't read the books then you can't be as disappointed about it as those who have.

Not all is bad though. Jamie Dornan certainly provided a whole load of eye candy (better if he had a beard, have you seen him in the recent BBC drama The Fall *drools*) and there was nakedness, mostly from Dakota Johnson. There is sex in it, not real obviously, but that is included and the main erotic bits from the book are included, filmed to the best ability without it becoming a kinky porno for a few minutes. So there are some good bits to the film but as i've said the general feeling to the film is slow with a slight bit of excitement for a few minutes to back to slow. The film has definitely divided people, I know some who loved it and some who like me, were disappointed. It wasn't a film where come the end I wish it would carry on just a little bit longer.

 Am I excited for a sequel? Not so much anymore but I'll still see it just to oggle at Jamie
Would I go pay to see the film again? No
Will I buy it on DVD? Probably not but will perhaps watch it if someone I know buys it

If any of you have watched it, what did you think to it?


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  1. I definitely need to watch this film to see how it matches up to the book!